HERITAGE brick & stone Restorations

We take pride in preserving Canada’s treasured and historic masonry by providing our clients with a full range of quality restoration, preservation, conservation, and reconstruction services.  We specialize in commercial and residential heritage stone restorations.


Whether your project requires Dutchman repair work, brickwork repointing, Terra-cotta and brick repair, cast stone from molds, or rock face and Ashlar finishes, you can expect our attention to detail to shine through in our craftsmanship from start to finish.


With decades of masonry experience and knowledge to offer our Ottawa area customers, we strive to achieve the best mock-up sample every time. We take care to ensure proper wall preparation and old joint removal. In addition, we can match traditional lime putty mortar colours and textures.


Some of our areas of expertise include: Lime whitewash renders and plaster, slaked Lime putty, drill and pin method, cleaning neutralizing salts, and injection mortar grout.

We have access to Tyndall Limestone, Nepean Sandstone, lime mortars, and various regional stone quarries to provide you with exceptional quality materials for any stone restoration or reconstruction.

For further information about our services please contact us at Heritage Brick & Stone Craft with the details and requirements of your restoration project.



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